A Summer Without Camp by Sam Feiges

Our cabin, Cabin Leah, grew so close throughout the summer of 2019 (Second Session). We were a very large group but still managed to become closer and closer throughout those four weeks.

When the summer ended, we all exchanged phone numbers and made a group chat. We had barely left camp before we started chatting. We texted throughout the school year and during the pandemic as it worsened and worsened. I felt so grateful to be able to text my fellow cabinmates and counselors when it was too dangerous to meet up in person.

We found out that we were not going back to camp for 2020 on May 19, 2020. I remember the exact date because we received the news on my birthday. It was nice to hear from my camp friends on my birthday, but sad that we were not going to be together that summer.

But we were still able to be together all summer in our group chat. We texted each other during our time apart, celebrating victories, birthdays, the election win, and much more. I am so grateful to have had my camp friends as close to me as possible during these hard times. And I can’t wait to be with them in person this summer!!