Camp is Just Around the Corner!

As we approach the summer and get ready for camp, I reflect on my time at the Foundation for Jewish Camp’s Yitro Leadership program. Today is the final day of our 3rd meeting. Over the past several months a group of Assistant and Associate Directors have met together to join in on professional development to grow and learn new methods to think about and bring back to camp. Though the framework of Middot – in Jewish hermeneutics or biblical interpretation, methods or principles used to explicate the meaning of biblical words or passages to meet the exigencies of new situations – we have been approaching, through reflective practice, and thinking about our roles and how we make the best camp experience possible. I have already grown from working closely with other leaders in the field and through facilitated conversation and planning. We share, reflect, learn, laugh, cry and have become a true camp family. These past couple of days have had me flashing back to experiences we have had at Camp Interlaken and are making me think about this upcoming summer in only the best ways.

I am looking forward to another summer of fun and a life time of memories from one of the most formative places in my life, Camp Interlaken. As part of my program, I will be working closely with our Mama and Papa Ozo (Staff in Training Directors) in planning for this summer and re-honing the experience to build some in additional Kavanah (Intentionality). I can’t wait to get back into the office and continue working on my project as well as share with my team some exciting and amazing pieces of training that I have picked up over the past week.

I know and can say that we have an amazing camp and am so proud to be a part of making an impact on so many people’s lives. I hope that everyone is just as excited as I am and look forward to seeing everyone so soon!!!