Camp With My Cousins

My name is Dina Popkewitz Weinbach, and I am a Camp Interlaken alum, parent, and advisory committee member. Camp Interlaken was always such a special place for me, and I cherish those memories and all the people I met at Camp. I am so happy that my kids attended Camp over the years and were able to attend with their cousins. I asked them to share why Camp Interlaken is special to them, and here’s what they had to say…

“Camp Interlaken is special to me because the older campers and the counselors make it special. Last summer was going to be the last time all my cousins and my brother were going to be there. That’s what I missed the most. What I would share with everyone about Camp was how much fun it was—especially games like tushball, spikeball, and disc golf. I really loved the campfires.” Julian (JJ) Popkewitz, 6th grade

“Camp Interlaken is special to me because it was always my favorite month of the year, and it allowed me to make best friends from all across the country. The experiences I’ve had bonding with my cabin mates, whether it be just hanging out on our own time or the fun activities the staff planned every night, will be something I cherish forever and can’t get anywhere else.” Josh Weinbach, Sophomore, University of Texas – Austin

“Camp Interlaken is special to me because it is my second home. It is where I get to be myself and express who I am as a person. Last year was supposed to be my K’far year, which is supposedly the best year. Covid took that summer away from us and left us heartbroken. I was so sad. Camp Interlaken is the best place to be. You can do so much stuff there, almost everything you can think of. Every single person there is so kind and just good people. I have met so many awesome people with who I will always be friends with. All of my cousins go also; we have a big family, and it is so cool that we can all be there together.” Sam Weinbach, 10th grade

“Camp is special to me because it is my home away from home. I make so many special once in a lifetime friends at Camp and never want to leave. Also, it is special to me because of the strong Jewish community within it. I am able to always be myself while having the most fun ever. Last summer I missed getting away from my home town to spend my summer with the best people ever. I missed all the super fun activities such as Israeli dancing, tushball, waterskiing, etc. My experience at Camp has been something I will never forget. Camp and the people there have had such a powerful impact on my life due to the fact that it is my home away from home. Everyone there is like family, and we all get along. I LOVE IT!” Max Alper, 11th grade

“Camp Interlaken is special to me because it is where I spent most of my summers growing up. You build relationships that last forever, and I still see my friends from Camp all the time. The atmosphere on a Shabbat Friday night is also a one of a kind experience. At Camp, it is easy to choose something new that interests you and learn about it from experienced counselors and other campers. Everyone is so friendly and loves talking to and meeting new people. The location is also beautiful, located on the shore of Lake Finley.” Eliot Popkewitz, Freshman, University of Wisconsin – Madison

“Camp Interlaken is special to me because it simply is a special place filled with special people. It’s an experience with countless traditions, unique values, diverse opportunities, and bonding relationships in a close-knit community. That’s what I, along with many others, missed about Camp last summer. From the tushball roof to Lake Finley, to Israeli dancing, to Maccabiah, to campfire songs, to being with ones we care about, missing Camp last summer was a major shame.” Jake Weinbach, Junior, Indiana University

“Camp Interlaken is a special place to me because it is the place I grew up in from 4th grade to now. I have made so many friends and memories, including Maccabiah, getting up on water skis for the first time, and playing tushball every day. A part of Camp that I missed the most last summer was Israeli dancing on Friday nights. Israeli dancing is one of my best experiences, and when everybody is dancing together, it is a great atmosphere that I can only experience at Camp. One thing I’d like to share about Camp is that I think of the people in my cabin not just as friends but as family.” Simon Popkewitz, 10th grade

“Camp Interlaken is special to me because I made lifelong friends there and because it introduced me to some of the things that I still love to do today. What I missed the most last summer was seeing all of my friends and making another summer amazing for my campers. Camp is a place where people go to get away from home and go to a new home, a new family. Camp is a community of amazing people that all support each other and come together to have an amazing summer. Camp has been a special place for me every summer and the experiences that I have there are experiences that will be with me forever.” Jordan Alper, Freshman, University of Wisconsin – Madison

“Camp Interlaken is special to me because of the traditional values as well as the sense of community. Summer camps can serve many purposes for an individual. Camp is whatever you make of it; you get out what you put in. For me, I developed my sense of self and my sense of wonder. Camp was a place I could truly be myself and express myself in an environment where everyone is willing to listen. It is a place where life-long relationships are made. I couldn’t be more thankful for what Camp has given me and the opportunities it created.” Ryan Weinbach, Sophomore, University of Wisconsin – Madison