Continuing Camp Interlaken’s Impact

Dear Interlaken Family,

Last weekend, “I hopped off the plane at LAX,” with my son to celebrate an Interlaken camper’s Bat Mitzvah. Little did I know the impact that the weekend would have on me.

Olivia and her siblings’ parents met at Camp Interlaken many years ago, and a large Interlaken group — both current and alumni — traveled together for her simcha. While she only spends one month each summer at Interlaken, Camp played a huge role in her weekend. The rabbi referenced Camp many times when he spoke about Olivia’s Jewish identity, the values she lives by, and her neshama (soul). Camp was the main character in Olivia’s d’var torah (words of Torah) that she shared with her congregation as she accepted her role as an adult by Jewish law; she talked about how her identity has been shaped by her relationships and her experiences at Camp. At Olivia’s party in the evening, two alums who are friends with the family realized in conversation that one had been the other’s counselor early on! 

The weekend was filled with connection, community, shared experiences, and wonderful people whose lives were shaped by their time at Camp Interlaken. We always talk about L’dor V’dor, “from generation to generation”: the transmission of the culture’s values, rituals, traditions, and history to the next generation. As I took in all these meaningful moments from the weekend, I saw l’dor v’dor come to life everywhere. I have been blessed with the opportunity to care for Camp Interlaken’s thriving present and sunny future; I’m so grateful that I also get to celebrate its rich past.

Yesterday, today, and tomorrow, Camp Interlaken embodies l’dor v’dor by being a safe place to develop Jewish identity, blessing us with community, instilling Jewish values, and cultivating meaningful, lifelong relationships. Now, more than ever, we need to get as many Jewish campers to camp as possible. Your philanthropic investment in Camp Interlaken can be the difference maker in whether a family can send their child to camp, or not. Please make a donation to our B’nai He-Atid (children of the future) campaign, supporting scholarship.

Your investment ensures that Camp Interlaken is always here for our children and our families. While Olivia’s wasn’t the first simcha I’ve celebrated with a camp family, it is one that I will always remember as it defined the impact that Camp Interlaken has made on so many lives. 

Shabbat Shalom, Toni