Covid-19 Vaccine Update

The health and safety of our entire Camp Interlaken JCC community has always been and continues to remain our highest priority while providing a safe and inclusive space for our camp community to thrive.

Camp Interlaken has long required many common vaccines to protect the health of our entire camp community.  We are deeply committed to limiting the spread, severity, and impact of Covid-19 at Camp.  After careful consideration, in consult with our medical committee, and with the support of the JCC, we have added the Covid-19 vaccines to our list of required vaccinations

Our updated immunization policy requires everyone at camp be fully vaccinated against Covid-19 as defined by the CDCAll campers, staff, and guests will be required to provide proof of their Covid-19 vaccines. The addition of this vaccine to our existing policy, consistent with our peers across the Jewish camping field, is one of several essential components to a comprehensive COVID-19 mitigation strategy at Camp Interlaken.

We plan to run a safe and healthy summer once again while reintroducing the programmatic structure at the heart of the traditional Camp Interlaken experience.  While some of the measures that we put in place in 2021 may still be necessary to continue into the summer of 2022, we anticipate easing some of these protocols.  Our mitigation layers will depend on the ever-changing environment of Covid-19.  We will continue to make the best decisions possible, balancing our responsibility to the health and safety of campers with our promise to deliver the most meaningful camp experience possible.

We continue to monitor changing circumstances, evaluate our health and safety measures, and will share more information about our 2022 policies, expectations, and modifications later this spring. Please note that, like our existing vaccination policy, medical exemptions will be considered with a letter from a licensed physician.

We could not be more excited to continue the planning process for what is sure to be another remarkable summer at Camp Interlaken.  We deeply value your support in ensuring a safe, healthy, and meaningful summer for everybody at Camp.