Fiftieth Friday Giveaway!

Interested in a $50 gift card to the Camp Canteen during the 50th weekend?!

Make sure you register for the event by noon (Central Standard Time) this Monday, March 2nd.

Yes, you heard that correctly! Everyone who is registered by noon this Monday will be entered into a drawing to win $50 at the Canteen. That means, if you have yet to register, the time to do it is ACH SHAV (right now)! We will have special Camp Interlaken gear for sale all weekend during the 50th, and that $50 gift card could be YOURS!

You can register by clicking right HERE!

What can you look forward to at the 50th?
-Sunsets over Lake Finley
-Fun with friends
-Song Sessions galore
-Havdallah under the stars
-Tushball tournaments
-Much, much, more!!