Fiftieth Friday- Top 10

Can you remember your favorite schtick?! Today our campers LOVE making Top 10 schticks. Whether it is the Top 10 favorite moments from their overnight trip, or the Top 10 reasons they love their counselors, Top 10 schticks have everyone laughing and smiling.

At Camp, we love our Top 10 lists; especially our last night of camp Top 10 Songs of the summer. Check out our Top 10 Songs from this summer:

1.Rolling in the Deep
3.I’ll Make a Man Out of You
4.Mitzvah Goreret Mitzvah
6. Ayeka (Cornerstone Song)
7. MTA Song
8. Ecopendence
9. Dodi Li
10. Take Me Home, CIL Roads

Now we want to know, what were some of the songs on your “Top 10 Songs of the summer” while you were at Camp? We want to get together a list of everyone’s favorite songs so that we can include them in the 50th weekend! Let us know by commenting on our Facebook page,or emailing Grace at