Fiftieth Friday- Website hunt

Have you explored the 50th Best Summer Ever section of our website?

There are some pretty cool features in that section of the website!

1. You can register for the 50th Best Summer Ever celebration!
2. You can see who is attending the event.
3. Can’t come to the 50th? Check out this page in order to find out how you can still help be a part of the celebration!
4. In the alumni section, upload your own throwback photos to be displayed during the 50th weekend and used on our social media pages.

Now for the fun part!

We have three things hidden somewhere in the 50th Best Summer Ever section of the website that are not meant to be there (and silly/goofy)! One is a popular Camp song, the others are two pictures of “Waldo”. The first person to find them and correctly identify what and where they are, will win a fun piece of Interlaken swag. Please send in your answer to The winner will be announced Monday morning. Good luck!