Gender Inclusive Practices & Policies

Dear Camp Interlaken JCC Families,

Camp is, and has always been, a remarkably welcoming home for our community.  For nearly six decades, we have been blessed to welcome families from across the country (and the world!) into our community of inclusive Jewish values and experiences.  Above all, we work to deliver on a single goal every year: return your camper home a better version of themselves.

The nature of camp remains largely unchanged over these years, even if the world around us changes at an incredible pace.  In some ways, Camp is a refuge from a challenging and complicated world.  In other ways, Camp has a responsibility to reflect that world, empower our campers to thrive and lead, and serve our entire community with strength and respect.

This past fall, our Camp leadership, Camp committee, and the T.O.V. (Tikkun Olam Volunteer) committee worked to revisit our commitment to gender inclusivity at Camp, reviewing our operations, registration, facilities, and programming. Prior to this, we have been actively learning and adjusting our program, infrastructure, and actions to reflect our growth.  However, now is the moment where we proudly declare that everyone is welcome at Camp, and we have a responsibility to make that promise a reality.  As we say: Camp is one big circle, and there is a place for everybody in it.

Our newly affirmed Gender Inclusion Practices & Policies, along with expert guidance and resources, regarding gender inclusion at Camp can be found here.  We encourage every family member to read this update. We understand that this conversation might be new to some.  While the words and policies might be new, our commitment to serving diverse communities is not. We have welcomed gender-diverse, gender-fluid, transgender, and non-binary campers and staff at Camp Interlaken JCC for years.  It’s past time for us to honor their experiences, and respect the totality of our community, in our practices and policies.

We welcome your conversation and the opportunity to work with your family in advance of the camp season.  Thank you for the trust you put in us to care for all campers who choose Camp Interlaken JCC.  We’re certain this coming summer will be the best one yet.

Warmly, Toni