Introduce Camp Interlaken to YOUR Community

Introduce Camp Interlaken to YOUR community!  Our team loves to travel to meet potential new campers who may be interested in becoming a part of the Interlaken family.  

Many members of our Interlaken family have opened their homes to friends, family, classmates, teammates, and more, and have welcomed Camp Interlaken for an engaging session that introduces them to the transformative experiences awaiting their children on the shores of Lake Finley. By hosting an informational session, you become a catalyst for building connections within your community while offering invaluable insights into the unforgettable experience that Camp Interlaken has to offer. 

Most recently, I had the opportunity to travel to Austin, TX, where Devorah Ancel hosted a wonderful info session for her friends and family. During the session, I was able to share photos and videos of Camp, discuss our daily schedule, and touch on travel and transportation logistics. While I met new campers in Austin, I also got to connect with alumni who share a love of all things Interlaken.  I had a great time, and we always love to see “our people” when we are traveling across the country.   

Whether sharing silly stories, campfire wishes, showcasing the array of activities available, or highlighting the lifelong friendships forged amidst the beauty of the Northwoods, your hosting efforts play a vital role in spreading the joy of Camp Interlaken far and wide. So, gather your community, open your doors, and invite someone to begin their Camp story right in the heart of your own home.  

To show our gratitude, hosts receive a $300 camp credit for hosting, and you will receive $100 for each camper who signs up for Camp because of their meeting.  If you don’t host, but instead refer a friend, you will receive a $100 referral credit for each friend.

We are beginning to schedule meetings for the fall/winter and our calendar is filling up quicky! If you are interested in learning more about the opportunity to host or if you would like to schedule a meeting after the summer, please reach out to me directly! (Holly White, at, 414-967-8240).