K’far Noar Unit Leaders!

Your child’s Unit Leaders are some of the most important people in camp. Unit Leaders are responsible for things like, running the day, supervising counselors, getting to know all of the campers, and communicating with parents. We want to help you and your camper get to know them before summer begins. Below is an introductory letter from your camper’s Unit Leader. Please make sure to share this letter with them!

Hi guys! I’m Shifra Rothenberg, and I am the female K’far Noar unit leader! I am beyond excited for this summer and am counting down the days for it to start. This will be my eleventh summer at camp, and I can’t believe I get to spend it with my favorite campers. For the past year I’ve bounced from Los Angeles to Milwaukee working in film and most recently as a recruiter for Manpower. After this summer I’ll be heading to Spain to teach English and am looking forward to traveling around Europe and exploring more of the world.

It’s been a few years since I’ve been a unit leader at camp, but I couldn’t miss the opportunity to lead this group in their wilderness trip, plan exciting programs and whip up some delicious pancakes for them. K’far Noar is such a special summer, as it is the last summer being a camper. This summer will be a great opportunity for your teens to show the rest of camp what having camp spirit, or ruach is all about. When I’m not planning programs or perfecting my newest dance moves (thank goodness that screens aren’t allowed in camp and the campers cannot videotape said moves), you can find me out on the lake. Lake Finley is the most perfect body of water, and I’ll be on the docks helping the kids of camp learn to waterski, playing some tunes and cheering them on while I drive the ski boats.

One of the great things about K’far Noar is that the teens plan some of their own incredible evening programs and come up with their own Avodah Project for camp. They also are responsible for planning KTO (K’far Takes Over) and Final Banquet at the end of the session! We know the K’farnicks have some amazing ideas and are going to show camp how awesome they are. These bright kids are the future leaders of our camp and K’far Noar starts shaping them into the amazing counselors and one day unit leaders we know they’ll be.

Zak and I are not only co-unit leaders but we’re best friends and sharing the responsibility of leading your teens during the summer is something we’ve only dreamed about. This is truly a special summer and the 50th for camp; I know we’ll leave our mark on a summer that won’t be forgotten!

Shalom! My name is Zak Nye, and I am Shifra’s partner in crime this summer as the male K’far Noar unit leader!  I am currently a Junior at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, studying Community Engagement and Education with a sub-major in Community Leadership.  This will be my 13th summer at camp, and I cannot wait to flaunt the Interlaken 13th Summer robe!  This is also my 5th summer being a staff member, 3rd as a boat driver and 2nd as a unit leader! I loved being on the leadership team last summer experiencing a camp through different lenses!  My passions at camp are waterskiing and driving the boats, roaring during Shabbat dancing, and of course the amazing kids I get to spend the summer with. Having worked with these campers last year, I really have developed and amazing relationship with them, and I truly think they are amazing; it’s an incredible opportunity to get to be their leader this summer!

Being in K’far Noar is considered to be a milestone in the camp experience. The campers have many more responsibilities and spend a lot of time in our own little village. Not only do we live in Yurts (www.yurts.com) instead of cabins, but we also have our own Bayit (house) as well. The Bayit is part of our sacred “teen village” where we cook, have programs and activities, and sometimes just relax on the most comfortable couches.

One of the many special privileges we have in K’far Noar is to sleep in an extra hour and enjoy breakfast together in the Bayit! There are a ton of other privileges that we receive being in K’far Noar, and there are also a ton of responsibilities that go along with it!

We can’t wait to see your teen’s smiling faces when they come off the bus! It truly will be another amazing summer… in fact it will be the 50th best summer ever at camp!

Shifra and Zak