Mazel Tov to Camp Interlaken’s First Executive Director – Toni Davison Levenberg

Every summer spent on the shores of Lake Finley provides incredible opportunities for growth – not only for our campers but also for our staff and leadership. After 17 amazing summers on the macheneh, we are pleased to announce that Toni Davison Levenberg has been promoted to Executive Director of the Steve and Shari Sadek Family Camp Interlaken JCC. Under Toni’s leadership as director for the past 15 summers, Camp Interlaken has grown tremendously and continues to flourish as an important and impactful part of our campers, families, and alumni lives.

This newly created position acknowledges and rewards Toni for her role in camp’s growth and success. In her new Executive Director role, Toni will continue to 1) lead the growth and success of Camp Interlaken, 2) engage strategically with our alumni, donors, and families and 3) focus on the long-term planning aspects of Camp Interlaken and it’s continued impact on our campers and families.

Toni has more than 20 years of experience in the camping field, having been an Assistant Director at Camp Interlaken in 2006 & 2007 before being promoted to Director in 2008, serving as Assistant Director at House in the Wood Camp – a program of Northwestern University Settlement House in Chicago, and having been the Sales and Operations Manager at Camp Chi’s Perlstein Retreat Center as well. Toni’s reputation, experience and success is highly regarded in the camping industry and her passion for making a lasting impact on campers and their families through overnight camp is evident.

We are thrilled to see Toni’s continued growth and influence as a leader here at our beloved camp, our JCC, and beyond. Eizeh Yofi, Toni!

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