Our Favorite Camp Interlaken Memory

By Abby Zucker (2012-?)  and Bill Zucker (1973-1980)IMG_0132a

We are so excited for Camp Interlaken’s new website that we wanted to write a multi-generational post about our favorite Interlaken memory. It turns out that both of us have great memories of playing “capture the flag” at camp.

Bill remembers “it was intense – the whole camp was divided into two teams and there was major military-like strategy. As a young campe
r I remember the older campers and counselors helping me find a role in capturing the flag, even devising ways to be decoys so that I could run for it. A major highlight of my first year at camp, 1973.”

Abby remembers “It was really crazy. There were so many people. It was three teams because of Maccabia. We scored points to help our teams out. The game was so intense, everybody was hiding everywhere. People would sneak up on each other and run away from each other. There was a lot of teaming up with other people. Unlike my dad’s time, we captured different balls – not flags. It was one of the best things of my camp experience.