Sha’ar Unit Leaders!

Your child’s Unit Leaders are some of the most important people in camp. Unit Leaders are responsible for things like, running the day, supervising counselors, getting to know all of the campers, and communicating with parents. We want to help you and your camper get to know them before summer begins. Below is an introductory letter from your camper’s Unit Leader. Please make sure to share this letter with them!

Dear Sha’ar Campers and Parents,

That exciting first day of Camp Interlaken JCC is right around the corner. We, your Sha’ar unit leaders, would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves and to get you acquainted with Sha’ar. Camp has four different units: Shoresh (3rd-5th grade), Tzomayach (6th and 7th grade), Sha’ar (8th and 9th grade) and K’far Noar (10th and 11th grade).  Sha’ar is a ruach (spirit) powerhouse. We set an example for younger campers and show older campers how it’s done with our energy and love for camp.

AvivaHi! My name is Aviva Glassman, and I live in Milwaukee!  I am a manager at City Market in Whitefish Bay, where I see many camp families regularly.  I also nanny for a JCC family and babysit a lot!  I began my college career with a focus in package engineering, but now that I have reassessed where my heart is, I plan to pursue a career in outdoor education to harness my enthusiasm about the benefits of learning in nature. My love of education and the outdoors definitely stemmed from my 11 summers at Interlaken; this is my 12th.  While this is my first year as a Unit Leader, I have plenty of Camp Interlaken leadership experience as a Cornerstone Fellow, a Theater Director, counselor, and Ozo.

Hi!  I am Zak Rickun.  This is my 14th summer at Camp – wow – and my 3rd on the leadership team!  I had the privilege of being Papa Ozo last summer where I was able to groom and train our future staff!  RickunAnd, in 2013, I was the Sha’ar Unit Leader; I’m excited to do it again!  I current attend Columbia College where I study entertainment business.  Music and video are my life, and you will always see me with a guitar, camera, or a computer editing a video.  I play guitar in a band called Living Statues in Milwaukee, and we play about 3-4 shows per month.  I will be teaching Music Appreciation Chug this summer at Camp, and I cannot wait to bring my passion for music to our campers.  My favorite thing about camp is the relationships that I have developed with my own friends and my campers; I really like having an opportunity to meet so many different kinds of people and get to know who the really are because Camp celebrates everyone’s individuality!

While campers are separated into units, we all live together as a community. At camp, we have worked hard to create a safe place that supports learning new skills, making friends, and strengthening our connection to Judaism. Sha’ar means gate, and we can see our unit as a gateway to leadership and to becoming the oldest campers on the machaneh (camp). No matter a camper’s interests, there is something for everyone at Interlaken. We foster a supportive environment and encourage everyone, campers and staff alike, new or returning, to learn from our amazing and unique experiences. We aim for your teen to return home as his or her best self, full of enthusiasm for the camp that keeps us coming back.

We’re both so excited for you to be a part of Sha’ar and can’t wait for you to arrive!

See you soon, and get excited for a phenomenal summer!


Aviva Glassman & Zak Rickun