Summer 2024 Leadership

We are so excited to introduce you to our Summer Leadership Lineup!  Here you will meet our Unit Leaders and Village Directors for each of our units at Camp.  This crew will be working with your campers as they support and supervise all of the counselors who work directly with your children.  If you need to call Camp regarding your camper, these are the people who will get to talk to! 

Lower Camp (3rd – 7th Grade) Village Director – Gail Brodson

Hello, my name is Gail Brodson, and I am so excited to be the Village Director overseeing Shoresh and Tzomayach this summer. This will be my 6th year at camp. During my summers at Interlaken, I have had the pleasure of working with great campers, amazing counselors, and the entire camp staff. Interlaken has become my summer home, and I look forward to spending quality time on the shores of Lake Finley all year.  I live in Northbrook, Illinois and have two sons, Danny and Jacob, who have each been campers and counselors at Interlaken. This summer, Jacob will be a K’far Unit Leader while my daughter, Jenna, will be a camper at Interlaken for both sessions. During the off season, I work with my husband Mark as a commercial real estate broker. I am a social worker by training, and I take pride in helping campers feel great about their Interlaken experience. I address campers’ needs and concerns with the highest degree of compassion and kindness and love spending time getting to know everyone at camp. In my free time, I enjoy exercising, shopping, baking, playing pickleball, and catching up with my friends and family. I feel so fortunate to spend this summer with your kids, and I cannot wait for all the campers to arrive!


Shoresh (3rd – 5th Grade) Unit Leader – Brittany McCracken

Hey friends, Brittany McCracken here! I am super excited to dive into my seventh summer at camp as a Shoresh Unit Leader alongside the wonderful Nathan. When not at camp I live in Rangiora, New Zealand where I have been a School Teacher Aide working with 6-9 year olds and supervising an after school care programme. I enjoy reading books, crocheting and waterskiing, and I am looking forward to being back on Lake Finley and sitting lakeside with our camp family for Havdallah. May this summer be filled with old friends, new friends, happiness, and magic. It’s just around the corner, the countdown is on, and the North Woods are calling, see you all soon!


Shoresh (3rd – 5th Grade) Unit Leader – Nathan Hernandez

Hi Camp, this is Nathan Hernandez!  I am from Milwaukee, and I just graduated from UW-Madison!!! This will be my 9th summer at camp and my 4th year on staff. This will be my third summer in a row as one of the Shoresh unit leaders along with the wonderful Brittany. My favorite thing to do at camp is sing with everyone during Shabbat services and Havdalah. I cannot wait to see all the people I love this summer, and I know that the new faces will become a special part of my home away from home!


Tzomayach (6th & 7th Grade) Unit Leader – Lauren Berger

Hi! I’m Lauren Berger, and I am so excited to be a Tzomayach unit leader this summer! This summer will be number 13 for me! I loved Tzomayach as a camper, and I cannot wait to make this summer even more fun! In my free time, you can find me in the Finley! When I’m not at camp, you can find me at Friendship Circle of Wisconsin, and this winter, I will be participating in Destination Masa in Tel Aviv, Israel. I cannot wait to be back at camp working with Keegan and getting to know your campers so very soon!


Tzomayach (6th & 7th Grade) Unit Leader – Keegan Giles

Hey everyone! I’m Keegan Giles, and I’m back from the UK for my third summer here at camp Interlaken.  This is my second year as one of the Tzomayach unit leaders! At the minute, I am finishing my degree in Zoo Biology, and I’m looking into careers involving working with children as camp has shown me that this is my passion. Words can’t explain how excited I am to see all of our wonderful campers again, and how much I look forward to getting to know our new campers too! What I love most about camp is the opportunities to be outside of your comfort zone, trying things you might not get to do anywhere else, and to give things a go without fear, it truly is the best place in the world. I can’t wait to be back and take everything I learned over the last year to make this summer great. See you all soon!


Upper Camp (8th – 10th Grade) Village Director – 1st Session – Emily Rotter

Hi my name is Emily Rotter. This will be my 16th summer at Interlaken and my 12th summer as a Village Director. During the year, I live in Los Angeles with my 3 kids (who have all grown up at camp), husband (who I met at camp!) and two Labradoodles. Camp Interlaken is my all-time favorite place in the world. I am so fortunate that I get to spend First Session at camp with all of the staff and amazing campers. I’m looking forward to another amazing summer on the Finley.




Upper Camp (8th – 10th Grade) Village Director – 2nd Session – Tehila Cohen

Hello Interlaken families! I’m Tehila Cohen, originally from Jerusalem, Israel, now living in Milwaukee with my husband, two teen boys, and a cute puppy. I’m so excited to return to camp for my fourth summer and second year as the upper camp village director. As a mom of campers, I know how important it is for us that our most precious people have great experiences, create fun lasting memories and build meaningful friendships at camp. I appreciate the trust in sending your kids away to camp, and I will do everything I can to make sure each and every one of our children has the best memorable summer they wish for. I can’t wait to spend the magical time of the year with our kids in the most serene, happy place on Finley Lake. L’hitraot (see you soon) at Interlaken!


Sha’ar (8th & 9th Grade) Unit Leader – Ela Zvi

Hi everyone! My name is Ela Zvi, and I could not be more excited to be one of the Sha’ar unit leaders this upcoming summer! After being with the incoming 9th grade girls as one of their counselors for the past two summers, I am so excited that we all get to take a step up together. This will be my 12th summer at camp. This Fall, I will be a senior at UW-Madison, finishing my degree in Education, and my certificate in Jewish Studies. While at school, I work at Tipsy Cow (super delicious – everyone should come try it out) as a server. Besides hanging out and seeing your kids all summer, I can’t wait to get back on Lake Finley to slalom ski, help the kids learn to slalom, and drive the boat! I am so thrilled to have this opportunity this summer to take on a whole new role of leadership! Can’t wait for Summer 2k24!!


Sha’ar (8th & 9th Grade) Unit Leader – Grant Winston

Hi there, I’m Grant Winston! This is my 13th summer at camp, and I couldn’t be happier to come back as a Sha’ar unit leader! I’ve lived in the Milwaukee area my whole life, where I am currently attending the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. I am looking to become a Broadcast Meteorologist. My favorite thing about camp is all of the connections and bonds you make with people from all over the world. At camp, you can always find me playing a round of disc golf, socializing with friends, or playing tushball!! I can’t wait to see everyone this summer!!!  




K’far Noar (10th Grade) Unit Leader – Rachel Weber

Hi everyone! My name is Rachel Weber, and I am beyond excited to be the K’Far Noar Unit Leader alongside Jacob this summer! This will be my 12th summer at camp, and I am thrilled to be with this group of campers! In the fall, I will be a junior at Indiana University, majoring in Political Science, minoring in Law and Public Policy, and earning a certificate in Political and Civic Engagement. When I am not at camp, I enjoy hanging out with friends and family, going on walks, crafting, and participating in Dance Marathon at IU. This summer, I am looking forward to creating new friendships, celebrating Shabbat, waterskiing, and watching the sunsets over the shores of Lake Finley! The countdown until camp begins now! 


K’far Noar (10th Grade) Unit Leader – Jacob Brodson

Hi Camp, my name is Jacob Brodson and I am a rising Junior at The Ohio State University studying Marketing. At Ohio State, I work as a Football Recruitment Host, Resident Advisor and I am a manager on the Women’s Volleyball team. I am from Northbrook, Illinois and am so excited to return to Camp Interlaken this year for my 11th summer. This year, I will be a K’far Noar Unit Leader with the same amazing group of campers I have been a counselor for since they were in 7th grade. Can’t wait to make their last year as campers the best one yet. I am really looking forward to planning memorable programs, shabbat dancing, and cooking incredible breakfasts in the K’far Bayit. See you all in just a couple short weeks!


Ozrim (12th Grade) Leadership – Alivia Teplin, Ari Sadek, and Jordan Alper 

Hello everybody, I’m Alivia Teplin. This is my 13th summer at camp, and I’m beyond excited to return with this group of Ozos! I’m just graduated from the University of Wisconsin – Madison where I’ve studied Psychology, Educational Policy, Education and Educational Services. Following this summer, I will be attending graduate school in Colorado to pursue a doctorate in School Psychology. It’s been an honor and a pleasure to have been working with these kids since I was an Ozo and am ready to guide them into this next chapter at camp. I’m looking forward to spending lots of time in the lake, singing during song sessions and shabbat services, and enjoying all of the silly things happen at camp. See you all VERY soon 😊

Hi! I am Ari Sadek. I am a student at NYU finishing up my degree in English literature and computer science. This will be my 14th summer at Camp. This year, I will be part of the Ozo team (12th grade staff in training program).  I love to hike, play guitar, and sing in the school choir. In the summer of 2023, I was the Shoresh Unit Leader (3-5th grade), and I staffed the camp trip to Israel. I am very excited to return to the shores of Finley Lake and spend another summer in my favorite place!

Hey everyone! My name is Jordan Alper and I’m going to be part of the Ozo Team this year. I’m from Massachusetts, near the Boston area, but I go to UW-Madison and I’m graduating this May with a degree in Computer Science. I’m really excited for camp this summer! At camp I’m usually a land animal, so you can find me disc golfing, playing tushball, or running D&D. I’m so excited to lead these Ozos as they experience their last year as a camper and transition to counselors. I already know they’re going to be amazing! Can’t wait for the summer!

We can’t wait to spend the summer with all of you!  Big hugs from the shores of Lake Finley!