Tzomayach Unit Leaders!

Your child’s Unit Leaders are some of the most important people in camp. Unit Leaders are responsible for things like, running the day, supervising counselors, getting to know all of the campers, and communicating with parents. We want to help you and your camper get to know them before summer begins. Below is an introductory letter from your camper’s Unit Leader. Please make sure to share this letter with them!

Dear Tzomayach Campers and Parents,

The time is near when the buses will roll in to Eagle River for a fantastic summer at Camp Interlaken JCC. We would like to take this opportunity to introduce your Tzomayach unit leaders and get you geared up for a great summer! The campers are divided into four units: Shoresh (3rd-5th graders), Tzomayach (6th-7th graders), Sha’ar (8th-9th graders) and K’far Noar (10th-11th graders). Tzomayach is right in the middle of everyone which doesn’t just mean that we are the best, but it means that the strength of our ruach (spirit) can influence the younger campers AND the older campers.

We want to introduce ourselves:

LizziMy name is Lizzi Meister. I am going into my third year at the University of British Columbia, where I am majoring in Anthropology with a minor in History. I am having the best time immersing myself in the Milwaukee Jewish community as I am currently interning at the Milwaukee Jewish Museum.  At Camp you can find me at the waterfront or the pool teaching swim lessons or lifeguarding.  I am so excited to be coming back for my 12th summer at Interlaken.

SternI am Aaron Stern, the male unit leader this summer for Tzomayach.  I can hardly believe this will be my 13th summer at the most amazing place in the world.  Last summer I was the Unit Leader in K’far Noar (Teen Village) with our 10th graders.  It’s tough to stop coming back when each summer is better than the previous one.  When it’s not summer, I live in Madison and study political science at the University of Wisconsin.  I love it in Madison, but not nearly as much as in Eagle River.  Can’t wait to get to camp so soon and get to know an amazing group of campers!

We are looking forward to being part of the most energetic and fantastic unit on the machaneh (camp)!

Tzomayach means “growing,” and we hope to increase that warm and welcoming feeling found at Camp.  There is something special and unique for everyone at camp. The unit leaders and counselors at camp all have their favorite aspect, and we want to help your child find what makes camp so special for them: from the waterfront, to the omanut (arts and crafts), to the disc golf course, to song session, to Shabbat services (list goes on and on and on and on…) and everything in between. We strive to uphold an environment in which our campers can grow and thrive at camp.

Get ready for a tremendous summer; we can’t wait to see you soon!


Lizzi Meister and Aaron Stern