Website Scavenger Hunt!

It’s SO cold outside here in Wisconsin with 20+ inches of snow at Camp that we thought everybody could use a quick burst of summer!  Our program team put our heads together to come up with an awesome Campy Evening Program for you to participate in from home!  There are even prizes!!!!  Unfortunately, you won’t win a pontoon boat ride with a song leader or a movie in the Ulam, but we have some camp swag that we would love to send you and maybe even a $10 credit to the canteen!  Once you complete the scavenger hunt, email your answers to Jonah Wagan.  He will enter you in a drawing to win one of 20 prizes!  Make sure to send your email with the subject Scavenger Hunt to with your answers for a chance to win!

The answers to these questions can be found in videos, virtual tour, blog, interactive map, or just within the text of our website!

  1. What picture in the virtual tour does the clock read 4:37?
  2. How many Family Camp Signboards are displayed in the Ulam?
  3. Found in the interactive map, what is considered to be one of the most sacred places in camp?
  4. Where can you find Camp Interlaken’s cell phone and technology policy?
  5. What is a must try activity according to the Activities Video?
  6. What are the meanings to the four programs (units) at camp?
  7. Who got married at Camp last summer?
  8. What summer will 2015 be for Camp Interlaken?
  9. How many staff work at camp and where do they come from?
  10. What 2 cabins are featured in the virtual tour?
  11. How many acres is Camp Interlaken?
  12. How many acres is Lake Finley?
  13. How do we end each day at Camp Interlaken?
  14. Did you find a picture of yourself on our site?  Where?

Happy Hunting, and remember… Everybody is a Star at Camp Interlaken!