CIL Roads Challenge

We hope you will join the CIL Roads Challenge.

First, watch this video of our Staff Mash-Up of CIL Roads produced by Ariel Resnick with Miles Guralnick on guitar at

Next, study the lyrics to CIL Roads by clicking here.

You can sign up to select your portion here.

Here is a link to the music so that you can listen to CIL Roads and also use the guitar only track to play while you sing CIL Roads and Record it:

What we’d like you to do is the following:

1. Use Miles’s guitar only track
2. Sing CIL Roads along with it
3. Turn your phone sideways so that you’re videoing yourself horizontally in landscape (and not portrait).
4. Send your video to by Monday 4/27.
For another version of CIL Roads recorded by Ian Sharpe in 2018, click here: