It’s A Camp Thing!

When you think of Camp Interlaken, you probably think of your camp mishpacha. Your Family.  You wait 10 months for the best 2 months of your life to start with your camp mishpacha.

When you’re not water skiing, playing tennis, swimming, singing songs, and making memories, you’re probably daydreaming until the day the 10 months are up and you’re back at camp.  Well, here at (#ItsACampThing), we want to keep the camp spirit alive all year long.  And we want you to be a part of it.itsacampthing

What’s Its A Camp Thing?

It’s A Camp Thing is a site for campers (that’s you!) and alumni that reaches the camp community at large.  It’s a place where only if you went to camp will you understand and feel exactly what is being written about, the pictures that are posted, and videos that are online. It’s a place that features editorial content written by current campers as well as alumni on a variety of topics ranging from life experiences at camp to sports, music, and fashion.  It’s the destination for a branded web series called “From Camp To” hosted by Camp Laurel South alum,
Nicole Ryan, SiriusXM’s Morning Mashup and VH1’s Morning Buzz Co-Host.  The series features celebrities and public figures who previously went to summer camp and are now sharing the camp stories that impacted their lives and careers.

We are seeking creative campers with interests from lifestyle to social good showcasing your skill-set.  Want to write about your favorite camp moment?  Awesome!  Did you learn a new skill at camp where you gained confidence and it helped you throughout the school year?  We want to hear about it!

Here at IACTHQ, we want to encourage campers who show a keen interest in a particular area.  Whether it’s computer coding to becoming a professional singer, campers, or “Kid Heroes” can experience the opportunity  of the area of interest with experts who can mentor, collaborate, and elevate the awareness of these young visionaires.  The kid heroes will go through a submission process where a team of entertainment execs, camp directors/owners, and philanthropists will pair the best of the best with experts.

Ready to be a part of our mishpacha?  Send an email to and let us know how you want to be a part of it.